Eminem - Lose Yourself (Original Demo Version)

  • Artist: Eminem
  • Track: Lose Yourself (Original Demo Version)
  • Producer: Eminem, co-prod. Jeff Bass & Luis Resto

While Eminem and Shady Records' forthcoming compilation will feature both classic and new material from the label's entire roster, what's really going to move units is the promise of previously-unheard material from Marshall Mathers himself. Perhaps the most exciting inclusion on the set is an Original Demo Version of 2002 smash Lose Yourself that nobody—including Eminem himself—knew existed till recently. The beat (co-produced by Shady in conjunction with Jeff Bass and Luis Resto) is quite stripped-down in comparison to the song's final incarnation, and the lyrics are entirely different; Mom's spaghetti doesn't even make an appearance. For this rendition of Lose Yourself and much more, cop Shady XV when it hits record stores and online retailers next Monday, November 24.

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