Erik Flowchild - Okay


UPDATE: "Okay" is no longer available to stream.

Erik Flowchild's long-awaited Delivery Boy mixtape still has yet to hit the 'net (the artist's waiting on a few guest features), but don't let that fool you into thinking he's been off his grind. In the meantime, the T-Dot native (and Freestyle Series participant) has been hard at work on another street album, the relationship-themed Chixtape. The project's first leak finds Flowchild addressing a female who can't seem to decide whether she's staying or going. Exasperated with her refusal to fight for their relationship, he throws up his hands in defeat: “Okay, you can have it your way.GMF mirrors the emcee's frustration on the production tip, crafting a synth-heavy beat featuring an unpredictable percussion rhythm and a few disorienting sound effects (did anyone else instinctively check to see if their phone was ringing when the chorus rolled around?). Those who like what they're hearing can find more lyrically-astute reflections on love's ups and downs on The Chixtape, set to hit the 'net – you guessed it – February 14, Valentine's Day.