Ernie Gaines - No

Publish date:
  • Artist: Ernie Gaines
  • Track: No
  • Producer: Rich Younglord
  • Album: Untitled

Introduced to the Booth via the T.I.-assisted Sip It, R&B singer Ernie Gaines surprisingly selected a different record as his first official single. Most readers are probably thinking, "What does Ernie have in store that could possibly be better than such a major collabo?" Well, dear Booth-heads, let's see if we can find the answer. On the record, Ernie remembers a woman who caught his eye, responding “No” when he asked her if she had a man. When she suddenly begins behaving strangely towards him, the Atlanta/Jersey native is compelled to ask her once again. Ernie's voice definitely steals the show here, but Rich Younglord's mid-tempo production helps make No an enjoyable listen. Now that you know why Ernie Gaines made his debut single choice, do you think it will catch on nationally? Let's hope the title isn't indicative of the answer.