Espa - Apartment 2F

  • Artist: Espa
  • Track: Apartment 2F
  • Producer: Erick Arc Elliott
  • Album: 150th & Broadway

For many, following a one-night stand into the same building where one of your past lovers lives would be rather awkward. Booth newcomer Espa, on the other hand, is adventurous enough to take it in stride. The London songstress's latest single, Apartment 2F begins with an uncanny coincidence and develops into a sensual meditation on love and loneliness. Having enlisted Espa as hookwoman on Red Light, Green Light, Flatbush ZombieErick Arc Elliot returns the favor by producing this joint's hazy, reverb-drenched synth instrumental. If this left-of-center burner's piqued your interest, you can keep it locked for the latest on debut EP 150th & Broadway, which as yet lacks a drop date.