Fat Joe ft. Opera Steve - 300 Brolic

  • Artist: Fat Joe
  • Track: 300 Brolic ft. Opera Steve
  • Producer: LV of The Hitmen
  • Album: The Elephant In The Room

Since the film 300 was released last March, the legend of the tiny Spartan army (and their valiant fight against the much more powerful Persians) has been at the forefront of pop culture. Inspired by the story (or just the movie) is Bronx legend Fat Joe, who takes the role of King Leonidas, as he leads his Terror Squad army in a “street war.” Joey Crack's deeds to his enemies are about as violent as you can get ("cut your testicles/stuff 'em in your mouth where them lil' sh*ts belong"), but remember there remains a large difference between real battles and those found on wax. With JC doing his part, the rest of the fire comes from the sampling of the movie's first fight scene ("this is where we fight, and this is where they die"). Sound the warning horns; The Elephant In The Room stampedes into stores and online retailers on March 11th.