Fergie ft. Soulja Boy - Clumsy (Collipark Remix)

  • Artist: Fergie
  • Track: Clumsy (Collipark Remix) ft. Soulja Boy
  • Feat. Mr. ColliPark
  • Producer: Mr. ColliPark
  • Album: The Dutchess

As The Dutchess' fifth and final single, Fergie's Clumsy continues to stumble up the charts. In order to help its final ascent is the inevitable remix; although the assistants aren't quite who anyone would expect. Mr. ColliPark easily handles the pop-sounding synth-percussion production by turning Clumsy into a club friendly guarantee and along for the ride is his protege, the self-proclaimed "Teen of the South," Soulja Boy (who can’t help but reference his first two singles). Taking risks can both help and hurt an artist equally. Taking a risk on the fifth and final single from an album you released last year, however, is a no brainer.