Flatbush Zombies x Overdoz x World's Fair - Mood Swings


When three crews as talented and diverse as Flatbush Zombies, Overdoz and World's Fair come together on a single track, you can expect the result to be a little schizophrenic. Inevitable Mood Swings aside, though, this freshly-released promo single finds the (respectively) Brooklyn, L.A. and Queens collectives showcasing a surprising level of creative synergy. SPVCE, the beatsmith behind World's Fair emcee Prince Samo's Gojira, provides a tension-fraught instrumental backdrop for bars that run the gamut from laid-back braggadocio, to hard-nosed street lyricism, to feverish word salad. The disparate styles on display make for a cut that's much more than the sum of its parts—or have I got it twisted? As always, Booth readers get to lay down the final verdict. If you're feeling it, you can stay tuned to the DJBooth for the latest news and tunes from each of these buzzworthy rap collectives.