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Flying Lotus ft. Krayzie Bone - Medication Meditation


Grand Theft Auto V is arguably the Tupac Shakur of video games. By far one of the greatest games to ever exist on planet Earth. Everything from the storyline and online play, even the 17 FM radio stations add to the overall experience. One of our favorite stations to blare during police chases is FlyLo FM, curated by the outstanding producer Flying Lotus himself. The popular station is getting some new jams due to GTA V's next-generation re-release, one being an incredible collaboration between Flying Lo and the very quiet Krayzie Bone. Rightly titled Medication Meditation, Krayzie reminds listeners that he's a master of the triplet flow, while the celestial production will give you a feeling of "upliftment" that only Flying Lotus can. This is one highly-anticipated single that won't let you down.