Flyy Academy ft. o8o (of Thunderkatz) - WGP (White Girl Party)


Thanks to Girls Gone Wild DVDs and celebrity gossip websites like, white girls have developed an unfortunate stigma. While most Caucasian females will tell you not to judge them because of the actions of a few bad eggs, some stereotypes are simply too difficult to fight. It is for this very reason, amongst several others that really don't matter, that Atlanta duo Flyy Academy, which consists of Davy P. and D.J., has created a brand new record entitled WGP (or White Girl Party.) Featuring o8o of Universal Motown's TKatz!, who also will be exec-producing their debut album, Greatness at its Greatest, and producer Jaguar Skills (see GemStones' We On), the record is a drinking and smoking anthem in the making. Though DJBooth doesn't support drug use or underage drinking, we do endorse catchy music!