ForteBowie - Astounding

  • Artist: ForteBowie
  • Track: Astounding
  • Producer: Kato
  • Album: Beats & Rhymes

Earlier this week, we debuted Signif's Rebel, single numero uno off the forthcoming, TuneCore-presented A3C compilation. Since y'all were feeling that record so much (It garnered a lofty 4.3-star average reader rating.), we decided we'd bring y'all the world premiere of the follow-up, which stars ATL rhymesayer and established reader fave ForteBowie. On Astounding, a laid-back synth beat by SMKA's Kato accompanies the Blasphemy 3 auteur as he fills us in on his budding romance with an alluring pole dancer. Feeling it? You can expect more quality jams from a variety of the game's hottest emerging artists on Beats & Rhymes, a Booth-exclusive project scheduled for release next week.