ForteBowie - Paid Programming

  • Artist: ForteBowie
  • Track: Paid Programming
  • Producer: ForteBowie
  • Album: #FebruaryForte

If you’d asked me yesterday what came to mind when I thought about February, my answer would probably have involved black history, Valentines and Leap Day. Now, I’m gonna have to add one more item to that list: recording artist and producer ForteBowie, who just laid claim to the month by launching his #FebruaryForte movement. One of two new singles released this week by the multi-talented ATLien, the self-produced Paid Programming finds Bowie serenading his girl in hopes of tempting her away from the TV and into the bedroom. Presumably, this is just the beginning of the fresh music the artist plans to liberate over the next 25 days. We in the Booth, will keep you supplied with the latest tunes.