Fortunate Ones - Sinister Roulette

  • Artist: Fortunate Ones
  • Track: Sinister Roulette
  • Producer: Fortunate Ones
  • Album: Sleepless Nights & Numb Hearts

Thought Russian roulette (the game, not the Rihanna single) was dangerous? Try Sinister Roulette on for size. I mean, “sinister” is right there in the name. As for the actual rules, well, you'd have to ask South Jersey duo The Fortunate Ones, whose first Booth feature is as short on details as it is long on pensive beats and ominous lyrical poetry. Previously heard handling production duties on J.Y.'s We All Good, the emcee/producers step out from behind the boards to introduce Booth readers to their dark, experimental brand of alternative hip-hop on the latest single off their forthcoming solo mixtape. With their own hazy, mechanically plodding boardwork bumping in the background, the tag-team drop some of the hands-down weirdest rhymes I've heard in a long minute. And yes, I mean that as a compliment; how can you not be intrigued by arcane couplets like, “I quote myself when I see circumference / Mongol mogul mind for the wise triumphant.”? Enough outta me, though – do you approve of this crew's far-out style? If so, stay tuned for further details on the Fortunate Ones' forthcoming street album, Sleepless Nights & Numb Hearts.