Franc Grams - Mistakes

  • Artist: Franc Grams
  • Track: Mistakes
  • Producer: Smoke The World
  • Album: Let's Start Over

Like each and every one of us, Franc Grams makes mistakes—but Mistakes, the Connecticut native's Booth debut and latest single, is definitely not one of them. Despite dealing with the artist's foibles and f**k-ups, the record itself is a home run. Over Smoke The World's Chipmunk-soul production, the artist describes how his playeriffic tendencies lost him one “hell of a shawty,” and expresses regret for his time as a corner boy. On the back, he turns his judgment outward, excoriating doctors for making money off people's false hopes and music industry execs for dragging down the culture he loves. Has this thoughtful cut left you craving more from Franc Grams? Then click here to cop the artist's latest digital full-length, Let's Start Over; I assure you, you won't regret your decision.