Franchise ft. Ghostwriter [of The Scholars] - Hip-Hop Homicide (Freestyle)

  • Artist: Franchise
  • Track: Hip-Hop Homicide (Freestyle) ft. Ghostwriter
  • Producer: DJ Green Lantern
  • Album: Schitzophrenic Mindset (The Free Tuss Series)

Ludacris’s Nate Dogg-assisted classic, Area Codes, contains over forty different…well… area codes from around the country. You name the hoe-filled “hot spot” and Luda had it covered. Of all the three-digit selections that the rapper identified, however, 4-1-2 was not among them. While it is unknown if the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, does indeed have worthy “hoes,” the Steel City is without a doubt an on-the-rise “hot spot” for brand new hip-hop talent. Following in the footsteps of recent noisemakers Wiz Khalifa and Boaz, are fellow natives Franchise and Ghostwriter. The two indie emcees team up over a street-level DJ Green Lantern production on Hip-Hop Homicide. If you like what you hear, check for Franchise’s forthcoming project, Schitzophrenic Mindset.



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