Gerald Walker - Make Money

  • Artist: Gerald Walker
  • Track: Make Money
  • Producer: Knxwledge
  • Album: TARGET

In the profit-obsessed world of rap, it's fashionable to claim that you value currency above all else—including romantic relationships, free time, and sometimes even the music. Gerald Walker isn't quite that obsessed, but he does like his scrilla, as he makes abundantly clear on the latest song release off his debut set. On Make Money, Knxwledge's low-key chopped-sample beat (complete with a thematically-appropriate snippet from Clipse's We Get Money) sets the mood as the Milwaukee emcee shares some dynamically-flowed reflections on the paper chase, before switching gears to address a woman in his life. Target has yet to be assigned a spot on the One Step at a Time Music release calendar, but we'll keep you posted on the project as further details emerge.