Gerald Walker - Ready To GO!

  • Artist: Gerald Walker
  • Track: Ready to GO!
  • Producer: Tone Dickens
  • Album: Gerald Walker's Evening Out With Your Girlfriend

Windy City up-and-comer Gerald Walker's Booth debut found him toking up with a couple reader-approved cohorts, but don't think for a second that the ganja's dulled his will to succeed—when it comes to the musical grind, he's always Ready to GO! On his latest mixtape leak, the emcee reveals that, underneath his weed-loving, womanizing exterior lies... a weed-smoking womanizer who's destined for greatness. Flexing his laid-back, conversational flow over Tone Dickens' jazzy old-school instrumental, the up-and-comer touts his skills and tells off the haters in verses packed with memorable similes (“You're useless like a handbrake on a canoe.”). Walker's Atmosphere name-drop is sure to score him points with my fellow Minneap...olitans (Minneapolites?), but it's his unflappably confident mic presence that'll win over heads nationwide. Those who like what they're hearing can find more on the Gerald Walker's Evening Out With Your Girlfriend mixtape, set to drop September 8th.