Get Gwop ft. Minty Burns - Road to Riches

Publish date:
  • Artist: Get Gwop
  • Track: Road to Riches
  • Feat. Minty Burns
  • Producer: WILDTEAMBEATS, co-prod. Minty Burns

Previously heard delivering guest bars on GLC's Bag Up, Get Gwop slides over into the driver's seat to bring us his first solo feature. Appropriately given his stage name, the cut finds him traveling at maximum speed down the Road to Riches. Over the piano-led boardwork of WILDTEAMBEATS and Minty Burns (who also contributes guest bars), the Windy City repper praises the Lord that he chose to forge his own path to success, rather than following convention: “Thank God I didn't finish college though, thank God I never made the honor roll. / Cause I could end working for and I then I probably wouldn't even make enough to feel comfortable.” Feeling it? Then watch our pages for more fresh singles leading up to the October release of Get Gwop's latest project, EL GWOPO DA PLUG.