Ghetts ft. KOF - Fire Burning

  • Artist: Ghetts
  • Track: Fire Burning
  • Producer: Astrixx, co-prod. Let's Throw Shapes
  • Album: Fire Burning EP

If you've heard Ghetts spit, you already know that the UK emcee is possessed by an unstoppable drive to succeed. But what exactly keeps that Fire Burning? On his latest single, featured in conjunction with an unknown director's poignant visuals, the man who brought us Feel Inside offers us a glimpse of the deeper motivations that underlie his hustle. Over an intricate, driving instrumental by Astrixx and Let's Throw Shapes, Ghetts rhymes about the impoverished upbringing that ignited his desire to create a better life for himself, and his eventual realization that happiness and peace of mind can't be bought. KOF assists on the chorus. Fire Burning is slated to appear on the artist's upcoming EP of the same name, due out November 20, via Disrupt. In the meantime, of course, we'll keep you supplied with the latest singles.