Ghostface & DOOM - Chinatown Wars

  • Artist: Ghostface Killah
  • Track: Chinatown Wars
  • Feat. MF DOOM
  • Producer: Oh No
  • Album: Grand Theft Auto: Chitatown Wars (Soundtrack)

As demonstrated on Talib Kweli's My Favorite Song (from GTAIV: The Lost and the Damned) and Statik Selektah's Driving Down the Freeway (from Midnight Club: L.A.'s South Central expansion pack), Rockstar are a class act when it comes to soundtracks. Those were Xbox 360/PS3/PC titles, though, and the newly-released GTA: Chinatown Wars is a Nintendo DS game. So, how much hip-hop goodness can you fit onto a cartridge so small you have to be careful not to sneeze while holding it? If this theme song is any indication, the answer's “quite a bit.” Backed by Oh No's tweaked Far Eastern samples, two emcees known for their left-of-center lyricism turn in suitably hard-hitting verses; Wu-Tang's Ghostface perfectly embodies the GTA spirit in his maniacal rhymes, while masked oddball DOOM sounds a little... hungry (what do you expect from a guy who titled an album MM... Food?) Just the thing to get listeners pumped up for some digitized mayhem, this cut should have DS owners running to the nearest video game retailer to cop the just-dropped Chinatown Wars.