Ghostface Killah ft. AZ - Double Cross


On The Battlefield, the last single off his forthcoming solo set, Ghostface Killah returned from a nine-year absence to find that his native Staten Island had changed for the worse: crackheads are on every corner, kids are smoking weed and the respect he used to receive in the streets has evaporated. One thing hasn't changed though, judging by the story he tells on follow-up Double Cross: cops are still crooked as f**k. Over The Revelations' atmospheric boardwork, the artist details a run-in with an NYPD officer that ends with him facing a bogus murder rap, thanks to the machinations of a politically influential gangster played by rap vet AZ. 36 Seasons is set to hit record stores and online retailers December 9. In the meantime, keep it locked for more fresh cuts.