Git Fresh - Booty Music

  • Artist: Git Fresh
  • Track: Booty Music
  • Producer: Git Fresh [for Studio Monkeyz LLC], Bigg D
  • Album: TBD

Other than the radio success of their '06 R. Kelly collabo Let's Make Love, the R&B group formerly known as Deepside had been pretty quiet. Tired of the stagnancy, they’ve decided it was time for some changes; after changing their name to Git Fresh, the Miami quartet left their old label home of Jive for greener pasture at rival Def Jam. With all the drama behind them, Pretti Sly, Penny, Rude Boi and Mike Ezay take a moment to let everyone know that they're not the type to play slow jams in the bedroom. Their preference, you ask? Some nice, banging Booty Music (the type provided by producer Bigg D). Def Jam has been an excellent distributor for R&B lately (Rihanna, Ne-Yo); will Git Fresh follow suit?