Glasses Malone - 60 Million Dollar Flow

  • Artist: Glasses Malone
  • Track: 60 Million Dollar Flow
  • Producer: Tweek Beatz
  • Album: Beach Cruiser

Can you put a price on talent? I'd be inclined to say “No,” but Glasses Malone seems to disagree. A canny businessman as well as an artist, the emcee gives prospective buyers a taste of his 60 Million Dollar Flow on his latest Booth feature. Though I certainly don't have that kind of money, it's hard to argue with the Watts native's confident, aggressive delivery as he flaunts his cash, his swagger, and his female appeal. As far as lyrical content, though, this is nothing we haven't heard before, and, with lines like “I'm mad hot like water in a pot,” Malone won't be winning any “Simile of the Year” awards (if there were such a thing). Listeners who can look past that will find a lot to enjoy here, from the emcee's flow to Tweek Beatz's midtempo, street-certified production. For more of Glasses' expensive musical stylings, pick up a copy of his debut LP, Beach Cruiser, which hits record shops and online retailers June 9th.