Goldyard ft. Mo Green - Briknik

  • Artist: Goldyard
  • Track: Briknik
  • Producer: Flick James
  • Album: F*ck Culture 2

On their last feature, the misleadingly-titled Golden Eye, Goldyard informed listeners that they were Ray Charles when it came to anything except green. Freshly-minted follow-up Briknik, another Booth-exclusive world premiere, does deal with the topic of paper—as well as a certain similarly-hued herb—but paints a considerably more colorful picture of the trio's concerns. Over crew member Flick James's glittering keyboard arpeggios, A.T. and In-Do express their determination to keep it G despite the obstacles in their path, and the rivals out for their blood. Mo Green (not to be confused with Booth regular Moe Green) assists on the guest tip. F*ck Culture 2 is currently unscheduled but, as always, fans can keep it locked to our front page for the latest.