Grafh - Call Me Up

  • Artist: Grafh
  • Track: Call Me Up
  • Producer: Cookin Soul
  • Album: The Evolution

After Party emcee Grafh may be the guy mothers warn their daughters about, but, like most people, places, activities, and substances parents advise their children to steer clear of, he offers one hell of a good time. On his latest single, the Queens up-and-comer has a message for all ladies itching for some action between the sheets, "Girl, Call Me Up." Over Cookin' Soul's steamy synth instrumental, the rapper describes the lengths he'll go to to ensure his partner's complete satisfaction; in addition to delivering all the foreplay a lady could ask for, he'll get as rough as the job warrants, and, if the gangsta image is a turn-on, he's perfectly willing to do it in Timberland boots and a do-rag—all he asks is that you pass his name along to any female friends looking for a little lovin'. If you've got a taste for raunchy sex jams, this record will be right up your alley (that wasn't meant as a double entendre, really!); if not, it's a good bet you'll find something else to your liking on The Evolution, which has yet to receive a solid release date.