Grandaddy Souf - Keep Em Coming Back

  • Artist: Grandaddy Souf
  • Track: Keep Em Coming Back
  • Producer: Coop
  • Album: Chasing My Dream

Born and raised near Parramore Street in Orlando, Florida, Grandaddy Souf (pronounced “Sowf”) attacks the airwaves with Keep Em Coming Back, a song that sounds almost Chill Gangsta, but is actually about Souf’s sexual prowess with the ladies. Like this single that was produced with Coop’s mastery, Souf is a series of contradictions: he lived on the streets at the age of 12, got his college degree from the University of Arizona, sold drugs for awhile, developed his lyrical game and then teamed up with Hypnotize Minds in Memphis before going solo. Now he’s practically everywhere. As his new album Chasing my Dream suggests, Souf isn’t dissing his hometown but embracing the world.