Gucci Mane ft. Raury - Dead People


Despite finishing in 11th place in our King Of The South poll, Gucci Mane is a figure that the youth in Atlanta gravitate toward. Big GuWop is the big brother for ambitious up-comers even while behind bars, so we aren't surprised that rising star Raury is featured on his latest single, Dead People. Two very different artists, both from the East Side of Atlanta, and when brought together the result is a unexpected surprise. The crooning Indigo Child enters Gucci's well known element, a booming, funky beat that will make trunks rattle and wake neighbors. Surprisingly, Raury wasn't hired to handle the hook, but instead delivers an impressive rap verse. This odd combination somehow brings out the best of both artists; Gucci's hilarious braggadocio and Raury's enthralling wordplay.