Guilty Simpson & Small Professor ft. DJ Revolution - On the Run


Based on the promotional pic accompanying the record, you might assume that Guilty Simpson and Small Professor's latest collaborative single found them skipping town with the law on their tail—possibly following the Highway Robbery referenced in their album's title. The cut itself, however, tells a different story. Over his partner's clattering sample work, the Detroit mic-murderer uses deft wordplay to illustrate his evolution from inner-city hustler to rap powerhouse: “Runnin', runnin' through my mind / runnin' through my rhymes On the Run / Days of runnin' the streets ran its course / Now I'm in my run-down city holdin' the gun, runnin' sh*t.DJ Revolution assists behind the wheels of steel, flipping a sample from Kool G Rap's Brother on the Run in his skillful outro. Feeling it? Then be sure to cop Simpson and Small Professor's collaborative debut set September 24, when it hits record stores and online retailers via Coalmine Records.