Gunplay ft. Stalley & Curren$y - Chain Smoking


One month after dropping off Scuffed Timbs, a Rick Ross collaboration that won lukewarm reviews from our readership, Gunplay returns to kick off his 2015 with a fresh single off his forthcoming studio debut. Here, an unknown beatsmith's hazy street boardwork accompanies the Carol City spitter as he and his Booth-approved collaborators, Stalley and Curren$y, rhyme about their penchant for Chain Smoking. Not chain smoking as in, “lighting a new cigarette off the last one's cherry,” chain smoking as in, “smoking while wearing gold chains”—a definition I”m pretty sure Don Logan and his colleagues just made up. Gunplay's freshman solo set, Living Legend, is currently unscheduled, but we'll keep you apprised of any and all new developments on that front.