Hoodie Allen - Dumb for You

  • Artist: Hoodie Allen
  • Track: Dumb for You
  • Producer: RJF, Parrish Warrington
  • Album: People Keep Talking

Love can make you do some crazy, stupid things—like riding in the back of a pickup truck next to a dead Golden Retriver, or jumping out of a moving car. If those examples seem oddly specific, it's because I borrowed them from the official visuals for Hoodie Allen's latest single, Dumb for You. (The Empire State buzzmaker does all his own stunts, by the way.) RJF and Parrish Warrington handle production duties on this addictive hip-pop cut, layering tuneful guitar and keyboard chords over a syncopated rhythm section as Hoodie sings and flows about the downright ridiculous lengths to which he'll go for a certain cold-hearted shawty. People Keep Talking is slated to drop on Tuesday, October 14. In the meantime, fans can keep it locked for further singles off the set.