Hoodie Allen - Movie

  • Artist: Hoodie Allen
  • Track: Movie
  • Producer: Parrish Warrington, RJF
  • Album: People Keep Talking

When you're touring the country and fending off adoring women at every turn - at least the ones he chooses to fend off - life can feel like a Movie. At least I'll have to take Hoodie Allen's word for it, rap-writer is still a far cry from rapper. Movie, the latest single from his upcoming album, is an uptempo track paired with visuals that find Hoodie fittingly traversing some of cinema's most classic scenes, all in pursuit of his lovely co-star. It should be just the thing to get people talking about Hoodie's aforementioned album, People Keep Talking, due out October 14. You might want to grab some popcorn before you press play...

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