Hoodie Allen - Show Me What You're Made Of

  • Artist: Hoodie Allen
  • Track: Show Me What You're Made Of
  • Producer: RJF, Parrish Warrington
  • Album: Untitled (TBD)

Have you ever dreamed of being able to do whatever you want? How about saying whatever you want? F**king whoever? (You can answer these questions out loud, its okay.) Seriously, though, think about the concept of no rules, no restrictions, no guidelines, no laws-- just your call, 110% of the time. Sounds like fun, eh? Welcome to the life of one Hoodie Allen in the Ariel Danziger-directed visuals for his brand new single, Show Me What You're Made Of. In a parody paying tribute to one of Adam Sandler's great films, Happy Gilmore, we find Mr. James Franco and his father, played by none other than Mötley Crüe founder Tommy Lee, doing as they please with a pack of friends on a fancy golf course. The upbeat, Timbaland-inspired production is provided by RJF and Parrish Warrington, who create a track that is perfect for Allen's interchangeable rap/sung flow. So, if this record has inspired you to get a little crazy, we recommend taking a walk on the wild side and purchasing it over at iTunes. If not, conserve your energy, stay out of trouble, and prepare for anarchy when the NY buzzmaker drops his formal debut offering later this year.