Hopsin - Mr. Blackman

  • Artist: Hopsin
  • Track: Mr. Blackman
  • Producer: Hopsin
  • Album: Dear White People Soundtrack

Hitting theaters next Monday, Justin Simien-directed “satirical drama” Dear White People will focus on the fallout of a racially-insensitive theme party thrown by students at an Ivy League university. Even if that timely and provocative premise isn't enough to lure you to the theater, you may find your interest piqued by the soundtrack, which features original material by a number of Booth-approved artists. Despite the self-produced cut's deceptively tuneful opening bars, Hopsin's contribution, Mr. Blackman, is every bit as tendentious and exasperated as you may have guessed from its title. In caustic, characteristically intricate verses, the Funk Volume founder vents about the sh*t he has to deal with on the daily because of his skin color, from the constant scrutiny of cops (and regular white folks) to girlfriends whose parents “just don't think [he's] right” for their daughter. For this cut and much more, cop Dear White People's soundtrack LP when it hits record stores and online retailers later this month.