Hot Dollar - Get Naked

  • Artist: Hot Dollar
  • Track: Get Naked ft. Rico
  • Producer: Fatboy
  • Album: My Dreams... A Day in the Life

Due to restrictions placed on songs considered for radio and television play, most sexually-related content is axed completly or is turned into a humorous innuendo. Sometimes these creations work well commercially (My Humps), but most of the time they do not (Oochie Wally). In an attempt to completely ignore the system, probably because it won’t be released as a single, Island Urban Music’s Hot Dollar has created the very blatant and forward, Get Naked. Taking a page out of Snoop Dogg’s book, without the title change of course, Dollar raps and sings to his heart’s content and in the end just wants nakedness. Look out for his debut, My Dreams... A Day in the Life, to find out if he got what he wanted.