Hot Rod ft. Lil' Wayne - He's A Beast

  • Artist: Hot Rod
  • Track: He's a Beast ft. Lil' Wayne
  • Feat. Lil Wayne
  • Producer: Chinky P
  • Album: Unreleased

Even though Lil' Wayne's long-anticipated, soon to be platinum album Carter III hasn't been released yet, one of his lines is already being sampled on somebody else's hook. Let us introduce that somebody else as G-Unit's Arizona representative, Young Hot Rod. Despite 50's publicized problems with Weezy, Hot Rod saw no problem with using a line from the second verse of A Milli as the chorus on He's A Beast. Borrowing his style as well, Hot Rod throws in a simile-laced verses, boasting that his flow's "so hot I fry bacon on it" and complains that biters are "f*cking up my lines like a bad barber." While sample clearances could prevent He's A Beast from making Hot Rod's long-delayed debut album, Fastlane, it does prove his ability to adapt to the big-name's style. In any case, how well he matches up to Weezy is for the audience to judge.