Hot Rod ft. Tila Tequila & Boniface - I Like to F*ck - DJBooth

Hot Rod ft. Tila Tequila & Boniface - I Like to F*ck

  • Artist: Hot Rod
  • Track: I Like to F*ck ft. Tila Tequila & Boniface
  • Producer: Beau Dozier
  • Album: Fast Lane

Although Hot Rod's debut album, Fast Lane, remains on G-Unit's back burner, the Phoenix, Arizona native has kept his name active in clubs from the Grand Canyon all the way to Germany thanks to his earlier buzz single, I Like To F*ck. Now re-mastered and chosen as his official single, the racy song features Hot Rod’s original two verses, singer Boniface's hook, and Beau Dozier's alternative club-ready production. For extra appeal, however, ol' Mick Swagger has added infamous MySpace and MTV temptress Tila Tequila for a new brand of “nasty rap.” Even though the edited version will sound like the record got scratched, Hot Rod may have finally found his niche on the music scene. Hopefully 50 Cent and Jimmy Iovine will take notice and finally give Fast Lane a parking space on store shelves.