Icewater ft. Raekwon - Hip Hop Tribute - DJBooth

Icewater ft. Raekwon - Hip Hop Tribute

  • Artist: Raekwon
  • Track: Hip Hop Tribute
  • Album: Icewater: Polluted Water

Before Raekwon drops his highly-anticipated album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2, the Wu-Tang Chef brings his own mini-crew, Ice Water, to the forefront. Their first buzz single, Hip Hop Tribute, features Polite, Stomach, Paulie Caskets, and Donnie Cash reminiscing back to the early days of hip hop, mostly late 80's New York City rap, when quality lyricism was what ruled the hip hop scene. It is rather refreshing to hear new talent reminisce on the olden days, and in such a lyrically driven way. The old-school beat gives the song a retro feel, therefore adding to Raekwon's master recipe that hip hop aficionados will love. Do you smell what the Chef is cooking?