Iggy Azalea - IGGY SZN

  • Artist: Iggy Azalea
  • Track: IGGY SZN
  • Producer: The Invisible Men
  • Album: ReClassified

Not satisfied having just one of 2014's most successful hip-hop albums, Iggy Azalea is getting ready to close out the year with an expanded reissue of blockbuster studio debut The New Classic. The second incarnation of the set will, of course, boast a few extra tracks, among them the freshly-relased IGGY SZN (that's “IGGY SEASON,” for those not literate in vowel-less English). Here, The Invisible Men's stark, syncopated rhythm section backs the Aussie rapper as she touts her assets (both physical and otherwise) and tells off her critics in her signature down-South drawl. Feeling it? You'll be able to find SZN and more unreleased jams on ReClassified, which is set to hit record stores and online retailers November 24.