I.O.U. - Forever

  • Artist: I.O.U.
  • Track: Forever
  • Producer: I.O.U.
  • Album: Patience

The sh*tty thing about getting exactly what you want is that, once you've got it, you realize that it wasn't what you wanted after all. Which is to say, there's no woman beautiful enough, and no whip expensive enough, to keep a man from lusting after that next chick or car—just ask Tiger Woods. N.J. duo I.O.U. (That stands for “Inside Our Universe,” in case you were wondering.) are well aware of the pitfalls of success, and on their first Booth feature, they cast a critical eye on the desire of many in the game to buy happiness. Buck and Izee collaborate both on the mic and behind the boards, serving up a low-key Little Dragon-sampled beat to back their fly, yet thoughtful bars. Sean Feuer provides a clever illustration of the record's premise on the visual tip. For more, check out I.O.U.'s Patience LP, released to the 'net this past May.