Irv Da PHENOM! - Brain on Drugs


Irv Da PHENOM!'s new single may share its title with an iconic antidrug campaign, but don't expect to hear it in the background of a PSA anytime soon. By associating narcotics with the Kansas City representative's agile, quick-witted bars, Brain on Drugs is liable to encourage youths to experiment with illegal substances, rather than scaring them off. Part of his latest full-length, the record finds Irv unleashing bar after bar of high-energy trash talk over beatsmith Paul Judge's buzzing, whirring electronic grooves. For Brain on Drugs and many more bangers, check out the emcee's Los Kangeles LP, released in May and available now on iTunes. Fans are also encouraged to take a listen to ¡MAYDAY!'s new single, My Life, featuring Irv on the hook.