Izza Kizza - They're Everywhere

  • Artist: Izza Kizza
  • Track: They're Everywhere
  • Producer: Koolade of Blackout Croatia
  • Album: TBD

Terry Davis, a.k.a Izza Kizza, was born and raised in the rural southern town of Valdosta, Georgia. A musician since the age of 12, Kizza was discovered by Bless of the award winning production duo, Soul Diggaz, and after being shopped to various labels, was offered a recording contract from Timbaland and his acclaimed Mosely Music. Kizza is a free spirit who defines his stage name as a means of “discovering your own lane, [or] breaking the mold.” One listen to his new song, They're Everywhere, and its easy to understand his explanation. Spoofing the now-famous “I see dead people” line from The Sixth Sense, Kizza provides uniquely eccentric rhymes over a beat courtesy of Koolade of Blackout Croatia. Kizza will release his untitled debut later this year.