J.Cole - Intro

  • Artist: J. Cole
  • Track: Intro
  • Producer: J.Cole

We assume many of our eager readers have heard J. Cole's highly-anticipated 2014 Forest Hill Drive album already, even our very own Nathan couldn't resist the urge to give it one of his classic 1 Listen Album Reviews, but for the ones practicing abstinence and waiting until December 9, the music video for Intro will only make your next four days torture. Over powerful piano production, Cole poses the question, "Do you wanna be happy?," as he rides his bike through New York City. Cole's appearance isn't what is expected from a rap star, the emotions you hear in his tone aren't common with mainstream rap artists, and he doesn't separate himself from the common man, but he hasn't lost touch with that sense of reality. I think that's one of the qualities that people will always resonate with, despite the leak, the supporters will be purchasing this album come next week. If you haven't already, pre-orders for Forest Hill Drive is now available on iTunes.



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