J. Holiday - Sooner You Get To Love

  • Artist: J. Holiday
  • Track: Sooner You Get To Love
  • Album: Bac of My Lac [Re-Release]

It’s simple, really. The Sooner You Get To Love singer J. Holiday, the sooner you’ll go out and purchase his gold-certified debut album, Back of My Lac. For those who passed over the album after it came out on October 2, of this past year, Capitol Records has a February treat for you. The label and Holiday have decided to repackage the album, mark it as a special ‘deluxe edition,’ and re-release it with three brand new songs and a second disc with videos and behind-the-scenes coverage. Sooner You Get To Love, the only new record which will be treated as a single, isn’t as catchy as the #1 hit Bed. However, it just might be good enough to turn some people into Bed lovers if they already were'nt. The re-release will land in stores and at online retailers on February 5th.