J. Mars ft. Shawn Welch - The Lake

  • Artist: J. Mars
  • Track: The Lake
  • Producer: Epic
  • Album: After Lights

At the off chance you follow the Mars Rover on Twitter, you'd know that signs of water were recently discovered on the Red Planet. Undoubtedly an awesome discovery, but NASA should have known that it doesn't have to travel into the Solar System to find water. They merely could have waited for artist-on-the-rise J. Mars to flood the Internet with his new, H20 inspired tune, The Lake. On the latest single off his forthcoming project, Mars uses a slew of aquatic metaphors to educate his girl on what he'd like to see take place once their bedroom door is closed. Epic produces a slow, spacey beat perfect for Mars’ droning, deep-voiced flow as well as the smooth, colorfully descriptive hook work by vocalist Shawn Welch. Mars’ After Lights project is set to drop later this month, but previously-featured tune Kingdom Hearts is also available to stream/download in the meantime.