J. Nolan - Deluxe Edition

  • Artist: J.Nolan
  • Track: Deluxe Edition
  • Producer: Reese Jones
  • Album: This One Goes to Eleven...

Usually, the Deluxe Edition of something arrives either after or simultaneously with the plain ol' regular version. J. Nolan, however, is giving us the good stuff right off the bat. Part of a freshly-released compilation album from Different Kitchen, this headphone-ready cut finds the ATLien rhymesayer rejoining forces with frequent behind-the-boards collaborator Reese Jones. Over the aforementioned producer's crisp breakbeat and swirling synth loops, Nolan delivers tightly-wound verses emphasizing his prodigious mic skills and his ironclad determination to succeed. This One Goes to Eleven... is available now online. Fans should also watch our pages for single numero uno off J.Nolan's next mixtape, the unscheduled Loose Files 2.