JAB ft. J Strode - Alright

  • Artist: JAB
  • Track: Alright ft. J. Strode
  • Producer: The Skouts
  • Album: 52/50 Campaign

Last month, we featured the first record in Michigan-based label FrontStreet Records' 52/50 Campaign, on which emcee Dux Jones expressed his desire to Make A Flick with a lady he spotted in the club.  Though the cut had plenty of potential, the DJBooth peanut gallery delivered "thumbs-up" and "thumbs-down" reviews in equal measure. In the newest installment, Flick's supporting actor, Flint representative JAB, continues in the previous entry's pop-ready vein, offering to make a certain female feel Alright if she leaves her lame ol' man behind.  J Strode's Autotuned hook and in-house producers The Skouts' synth-heavy beat should be enough to ensure a better-than-Alright reception in the upscale clubs; unfortunately, Booth-heads' computers don't usually come with top-of-the-line loudspeakers, so this record may well elicit another round of mixed reviews. Hopefully, any club DJs who may be listening will recognize this record's potential and put it in its proper environment.