Jaden Smith ft. Willow Smith - Blue Ocean


Jaden Smith's latest work begins with the admission, "I met a girl at Coachella. I like her but I couldn't tell her because she has her own fella." Jaden, brother, I hear you. It's easy to think that the spawn of famous, movie-star parents, raised in the forever-glow of Hollywood, shouldn't be complaining so much on wax. The solution? Stop thinking like that. Forget about the millions in his bank account. Forget about The Karate Kid. Forget about his record deal with Columbia Records. Focus in on the fact that Jaden is a 16-year-old, he is impressionable, and he is prone to experience heartache. In that last way he is very much like you or me. Aside from a bit of misplaced, public arrogance, the result of his youth and the trappings of social media, there is so much to like about Jaden and, furthermore, the Moises Arias-directed Blue Ocean in which we are allowed to swim. Dive in, it's refreshing.