Jay Rock - Money Trees Deuce

  • Artist: Jay Rock
  • Track: Money Trees Deuce
  • Producer: Flippa, co-prod. J Proof
  • Album: 90059 LP

Update: The Jack Begert-directed visuals for Jay Rock's Money Trees Deuce single have been added.

Found on Kendrick Lamar's breakout debut album, Good Kid, M.A.A.D City, Money Trees featuring Jay Rock was a fan favorite. Almost three years later, the song's guest flips the scripts on Money Trees Deuce, as Rock now stars as the leading man (though, sadly, Kendrick didn't return the favor with a guest verse). Produced by Flippa and J Proof, Money Trees Deuce finds the most veteran TDE artist in a zone. Pressing play means riding out with the Watts native, getting comfortable under headphones and letting all of your problems float away. A title and release date for Rock's long-overdue sophomore album are not yet available, but the release is expected before the end of the calendar year.



Jay Rock Didn’t Murder Kendrick on “Money Trees”

Jay Rock killed Kendrick on his own shit? No way. And that’s just how I feel.