Jay-Z - My President Is Black (DC Mix)

  • Artist: JAY-Z
  • Track: My President Is Black (DC Mix)
  • Producer: Tha Bizness
  • Album: Unreleased

When Young Jeezy created his Best of the Booth-nominated My President Is Black record, Barack Obama had just became the Democratic Presidential nominee. Several months later, when the song was featured inside our DJBooth, Obama was still three months away from possibly becoming the 44th President of the United States. Yesterday, however, after Obama was sworn into office, the song's title finally rang one hundred percent true. Before taking a trip to Washington to both witness history and perform at an inaugural concert, Jay-Z recorded a remix (or, as he so appropriately puts it, a "DC Mix"). At this awe-inspiring moment in US history, it's only fitting that one of the greatest artists in the history of hip-hop pays musical tribute. For at least one day, though, the best lyricist alive is O-B-A-M-A.