Jazz Cartier - Count On Me

  • Artist: Jazz Cartier
  • Track: Count On Me
  • Producer: BFC
  • Album: Marauding in Paradise

Plenty of artists make dope music on occasion, but how many can you trust to hit the bullseye every single time? To answer my own rhetorical question, not many. Judging by the title of his latest single, as well as the insistent Chipmunk sample running through the record, Jazz Cartier wants to be thought of as a member of that elite circle. Subliminal messaging aside, though, the real topic at hand is the T-Dot emcee's love life. Over BFC's immersive synth boardwork, Cartier gives us a Cliff's Notes summary of his romantic history, stressing the life lessons he learned along the way. Marauding in Paradise is currently unscheduled, but we'll keep you posted on the project as further details emerge.