JC ft. Rick Ross - Tic Toc


Newcomer JC knows exactly what time it is on his catchy collaboration with Rick Ross, Tic Toc. The 22-year-old singer, songwriter and producer croons with undeniable swagger over a beat by the production duo, Blu2ooth, which is made up of JC and his partner Tre Stylz. The Tennessee native obviously knows his stuff; adding Rick Ross to a song off of his forthcoming debut looks great for this young stunner. The two Southern ballers are anything but shy on Tic Toc, and bare it all on this ode to their timepieces. “I got a boo that works at Fed Ex, she’ll get everything from Cartier to Rolex,” JC brags, letting it be known that watches and women are two things he isn’t lacking. In the end, Tic Toc makes one thing very clear: JC understands that time is money, and he shall not be wasting any.